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DNA Extraction EZ Kit II (Sodium Salt Method)

Product Description and Features:

DNA Extraction EZ Kit II is optimized to fit broad DNA sample types for monoclonal manufacture process and release, clinical analysis for gene therapy, viral vaccine and viral therapy.

This efficient DNA extraction kit has a simple Proteinase K digestion, followed by a DNA precipitation in the presence of sodium salt to meet your needs of high testing sensitivity (e.g., 1-5 pg DNA/mL serum or 10-50 femtogram per reaction in an optimized assay) and testing consistency.

Our method is cost effective, user friendly and requires minimum training from your Lab analysts. In addition, you can use readily available heating block and centrifuge in your Lab to preform the DNA extraction and don’t need to invest expensive automation robots and worry about huge number of pipette tips and supply shortage. If high throughput is your interest, you can scale up your serum DNA extraction in four or more 96-deepwell plates if your Lab has multiple plate centrifuges.

Extracted DNA can be easily stored in short or long term and can be quantitated by PCR, real time PCR, Cybr Green PCR, DNA sequencing (Sanger or NGS), restriction enzyme digestion, Nanostring, CRISPR technology, DNA hybridization, Picogreen fluorescent staining

Catalog # Name Package Size Price
B62645 DNA Extraction EZ Kit II (Sodium Salt Method) 50 Extractions $300.00

The manual is available in Word or pdf format.


  • Stable at 4 oC for two years.
  • Laboratory Use Only.



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