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Stabilizer for Nucleic Acids and Taq Polymerase (10x)

Product Description and Features:

Nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) at low concentrations can be easily lost during column elution, dilution and PCR amplification. Our product is formulated to stabilize trace amount of RNA/DNA during purification and dilution process for an improved recovery. In addition, our product also stabilizes Taq Polymerase and enhances PCR amplification of nucleic acids in low concentrations.
Simply dilute our product in DEPC treated water by 10 fold and apply to your column elution and subsequent dilution, when necessary. You can also include our concentrated stabilizer to PCR reaction for further assay improvement.
There is no need to alter your purification and PCR amplification procedures.

Catalog # Name Package Size Price
B50120 Stabilizer for Nucleic Acids and Taq Polymerase (10x) 1 mL, 100 Reactions for Elution, Dilution and PCR Amplification $140.00


  • Stored frozen upon receiving.
  • Expired in 2 years after manufacture.
  • Laboratory Use Only.



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