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EZ-Test Strip for Identification of
Monoclonal Antibody (ID Test)

Product Description and Features:

Identification of your monoclonal antibody product (ID test) is an essential GMP requirement to avoid error and mismatch in biopharmaceutical manufacture, product release, labeling and product distribution (supply chain) of multiple products. Often such an ID test is performed by well-trained scientists using time consuming methods, e.g. peptide mapping, terminus sequencing, binding ELISA or dot blot. Maintenance of critical reagents and testing itself are expensive. Frequent assay issues and failure add cost and compliance complexity.

Our innovative EZ-Test Strip empowers you to know your monoclonal antibody identification in 5 minutes. The only thing you need to do is to dilute your product, dip a specific EZ-Test Strip into this dilution and read test results in 5 minutes. You also don’t need to maintain any critical assay reagent.

We can customize our EZ-Test Strip for your specific needs, such as bispecific monoclonal antibody, vaccine, enzyme, and viral particle.

Catalog # Name Package Size Price
B48206 Customer Fast EZ-Test Strip 10 EZ-Test Strips $350.00
B48207 Human PD1 Fast EZ-Test Strip 10 EZ-Test Strips $350.00
B48208 Human TNF-a Fast EZ-Test Strip 10 EZ-Test Strips $350.00

The manual is available in Word or pdf format.


  • Stable at 4 oC for two years.
  • Laboratory Use Only.



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