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DNA Extraction EZ-Kit (Sodium Iodide Method)

Product Description and Features:

DNA Extraction EZ-Kit is a simplified Sodium Iodide method to purify as low as a few picograms of DNA from tissue extracts, blood samples, cell lysates, protein or biopharmaceutical samples. The entire process includes two simple incubation and centrifugation steps in a single microfuge tube without use of any hazardous material, such as phenol and chloroform. Optimized detergents enable efficient DNA extraction at high protein concentrations or enhance proteinase K digestion when necessary. Purified DNA is pure enough for many DNA applications, e.g. PCR, real time PCR, restriction enzyme digestion and cloning, DNA sequencing, or Picogreen fluorescent staining.  

Catalog # Name Package Size Price
B48202 DNA Extraction EZ-Kit (NaI Method) 50 Extractions $300.00

The manual is available in Word or pdf format.


  • Stable at 4 oC for two years.
  • Laboratory Use Only.



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